The key to AOD is the use of a minimal number of didactic faculty. Not only does this result in consistent information and a reduction in redundancy, it keeps your cost to a minimum.

Most AOD events require one faculty member (the AOD director).  Unless otherwise arranged, the instructor is Dr. William Rosenblatt, Professor of Anesthesiology at Yale University School of Medicine.

The hands-on portion of the AOD event is staffed by the AOD director, along with manufacturer representatives recruited by the AOD director.  This model has been used successfully since the first AOD course in 1997. Furthermore, this model helps to substantially reduce the cost of the entire AOD event.

On some rare occasions, additional AOD faculty are recruited for large groups. The participation of these faculty can be arranged by the AOD director or, to reduce cost, brought in by the local host (you). This is discussed further on the cost page.






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