Cost Estimator

The cost of the AOD workshop is minor when compared with the cost of sending your entire group to a similar national course. Hosting an AOD at your facility eliminates the costs of travel and lodging, as well as the missed days in the operating room.

The following is based on a 7 hour event, and has 3 components: fees, travel and CME:
(Please note: fees apply to courses in North America. AOD events elsewhere may incur other costs, including, but not limited to, travel day fees.)


1) Fees (based on group size)

  • <16 persons: as little as $485 per person (not including CME and options)
  • 16-30 persons: as little as $300 per person (not including CME and options)
  • >30 persons: as little as $180 per person (based on 60 people) (not including CME and options)

The more participants, the lower the per-individual costs!


Your AOD course director will deliver all 5 hours of didactic content. Limiting lecture faculty to one expert eliminates redundant material and maximizes your learning with a highly coordinated content format. AOD will recruit company representatives to aid in teaching the hands-on portion. The AOD course director will directly supervise these representatives. This model has been used for more than 15 years.

For large groups, AOD may recruit extra faculty. As a rule, one instructor (AOD director, representative or extra faculty member) is needed for every six attendees. In practice, extra faculty are rarely needed for groups less than 30 persons, and are often not required for even larger groups. The host facility (you) is invited to recruit local faculty in order to reduce costs. The cost of extra (AOD-recruited) faculty can be estimated at $1500 each. The need for and cost of extra faculty can be discussed during the planning phase.

Electing to include a simulation trainer, swine trachea lab or Thoracic Anesthesia Airway Management lecture and lab may incur additional costs, typically $1500 to $2000, for the recruitment of dedicated faculty.

2) Travel and equipment shipping expenses ($1000-$1500)

Your AOD director will have travel and lodging costs, and will be shipping equipment to your site. Typical costs include airfare, hotel (2 nights) and meals, car rental, and FedEx ground charges. These expenses rarely exceed $2000. If additional, non-manufacturer representative faculty is needed, $1000/extra faculty should be budgeted for expenses, though the actual costs are typically far less. Election of one or more of the add-on labs may incur additional costs.

3) CME / CE costs

This is a Continuing Medical Education, Category 1 course. There are multiple sources of CME credit, often at no or very low cost when provided by the host (your) institution's staff office (your AOD director will investigate this.) CME can also be provided by the Yale Continuing Medical Education office at an additional cost (approximately $125/attendee).

NOTE: Many CME providers will not approve the hours during which manufacturer representatives participate in the workshop. If you are using a non-Yale CME provider, this issue must be addressed with them (Your AOD director will be happy to do this). If The CME provider does not approve these hours, there are two modifications which can be made:

  1. More faculty can be recruited, and representatives excluded. (See fees above)
  2. The hours of representative participation can be non-accredited (e.g., only 5 hours credit awarded, but the base fees for 7 hours still apply).






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